Get Involved

If you want to take part in preparing yourself and others for the arrival of Imam Mahdi ajtf then you can get involved in the following ways:

  • Contact us to give your details or ask any questions
  • We can add you to a Whatsapp group where campaign directions will be sent
  • Help us create Campaign messages
  • Research information about Imam Mahdi ajtf on the web and books
  • Refer good quality material for or
  • Help out at events in Manchester and London
  • Hold local events in you city. We can provide as much support as we can
  • Spread our campaign graphics to your contacts via social media or at centres
  • Fundraise for Imam Mahdi Awareness Campaign. We have khums permission too
  • Help us create posters
  • Give suggestions and feedback to improve the campaign
  • Or at the least… SPREAD THE WORD!

Thank you. May Allah count us all as Imam Mahdi’s followers

Info – We aim to revive the remembrance of Imam Mahdi as by gaining and sharing knowledge and information through various mediums, to reach people across the world.

Events – we aim to hold events highlighting the significant aspects of the life of Imam al Mahdi. Each event will be specific to the Imam of Our time and aimed at bringing the community together under the flag of Imam Mahdi as a united community with the Imam as the focus.

Campaigns – We will conduct campaign, precisely to learn and tell people about what the Imam as requires from his followers and how we can prepare for his blessed reappearance.

Donate – You can earn great rewards contributing towards spreading the knowledge of Imam Mahdi ajtf and showing Imam Mahdi that we want to be prepared for his Reappearance.