Volunteer for the IMAC CERT




We hope you are well.

Thanks for visiting the volunteer page. We are very happy that you are considering joining the IMAC Volunteer Community. We are a community support group set up to help those currently in self-isolation and cannot access the essentials they require.

Your support will help us reach more people in your area and support those who require assistance. We will be able to unite and enforce a strong sense of community and give back to society as a whole.

Volunteer roles will include:

  • Getting others in your community to volunteer and form an Zone Group. (this may take time we know!)
  • Shopping & Delivering items to people within your reachable area(s)
  • Collecting/delivering OTC/prescription medicine

If you think you are able to do all or some of the above, Please read the IMAC Volunteer policy HERE! and complete the registration form. The IMAC Senior Leader team will them call you for an induction.


We are looking forward to having you on board.

Take care and stay Safe


Please Note: We are NOT a charity but just a community group trying to help others in our community.