About Us

What are we trying to achieve:

To gain awareness about the imam, learn our duties towards him, understand/resolve the struggles of the Youth in the west by connecting to him and prepare to support him when he comes out of occultation together as his community

We will accomplish this by:

  1. Reviving the remembrance of Imam al Mahdi (ajtf) on a regular basis in our communities
  2. Gaining awareness of the existence of Imam (as) through Quran & Hadith.
  3. Learning about imam’s benefits and importance through the Quran and the Ahlulbayt (as),
  4. Learning about how we can communicate with the Imam as whilst he is in occultation
  5. Finding out about imam’s relationship with his followers
  6. Learning how western youth can better serve imam while dealing with daily temptations, pressures and struggles
  7. Bringing people together via events in the name of Imam
  8. Helping children understand the concept of Imamat and why they need to know and prepare for Imam Mahdi
  9. Using innovative methods to spread awareness about the Imam
  10. Working with non-muslims to create an understanding about imam and the concept of an ideal world

Board of Advisers:

  • Sayed Zuhair Al-Hashimi
  • Sayyid Ali Raza Rizvi

Campaign Coordinators:

  • Manchester Coordinator- Sr. Fiza Tajwar 07388935138
  • London Coordinator- Br. Ali Jaffri 07806511378